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There is always something happening in JIMS. Read here about the happenings of JIMS!

Here at JIMS we are trying to keep the Kilkeel community in touch with all that we do.  Please browse through our news articles - some describe events that even happen outside of the JIMS centre.  While checking out all the news, we at JIMS hope that you are filled with thanks for God’s provision for all that we’re up to.  JIMS thanks all of you who make the events happen in the first place: funders, leaders, planners, and most of all - volunteers!

We’d love you to comment (especially if you were a part of any of the events) on the numerous articles…JIMS always appreciates honest input.


Jims News

Posts from December, 2016

  • Raspberry Pi

    Raspberry Pi

    Thanks to David Henderson Design for delivering our very first Raspberry Pi programme in JIMS Youth Centre.

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  • Girls Night In

    Girls Night In

    Four of our keen volunteers have hosted a successful Girls Night In programme for all in autumn 2016.

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