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We have a new CREW member!

by Ivan Henderson

We have a new CREW member!
We have a new CREW member!

Dean Hammond is a new CREW member - he's not new perse but he has a new role here at JIMS!

He's grown up attending JIMS and has been a parttime volunteer since he was in 1st year.  Dean has taken part in our good relations programmes, helps in Souled Out, and was part of our mission team to Romania.  As a young lad Dean developed the skills necessary to work with children and young people and this year he's learning how to be a stronger leader through our CREW programme.

Stop in and say hello to Dean.  If the doors of JIMS are open, chances are Dean is here [helping in computer club, cooking in Gap, leading a small group, or simply doing the dishes].

We look forward to working with Dean as he continues to seek God's will for his life.

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