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Cafe Kulam

by Megan McIlveen

Cafe Kulam
Cafe Kulam

We've relaunched Cafe Kulam and it's been a hit so far!  Thanks to Carla Hamilton for managing the cafe once a month on weekends for special baked goods and yummy sweets - she has a team who helps serve the young people coming in on a Saturday night.  Why not pop in the 3rd Saturday of each month and see what's on offer? 

In addition, we're open twice a month after school for anyone in 5th year and older.  Seats fill up fast and the food sells quick - but that's the way it should be.  Each week there's something different to eat or drink (i.e. bacon butties, pizza, brownies, cinnamon buns, milkshakes, pumpkin spice latte, etc).


If you're in 3rd year+ and would like to join the Cafe Kulam team, please contact Carla or Megan.

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