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Step Up

by Megan McIlveen

Step Up
Step Up

Step Up commenced in April 2016 with team selection and training.  We had 5 local young leaders join our staff in planning and faciliting our new Step Up programme.  In addition, we have 11 young people aged 13-18 join our team for the spring and summer term.  Overall, these 16 young adults took part in first aid training, team bonding through a basic ropes course, and leadership training. 

Their training was put into practice during Project 6.8 - our summer outreach programme.  This team lead the children's activities (arts and games) in the mornings, served the community through gardening, and lead trips away for children and parents.  It was a blessing to watch each of the team Step Up team members grow in confidence and skill sets throughout the spring months and in turn be very capable of delivering Project 6.8 this summer.

Thank you to the community for your support throughout the summer outreach project.

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