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Project 6.8

by Megan McIlveen

Project 6.8
Project 6.8

Highlight #1: Team Growth - it was such a blessing to watch the team bond and grow as a unit of leaders throughout the week of Project 6.8.  As the team stayed in JIMS, act each meal together, and took part in team meetings each evening staff were able to watch as young members grew in confidence and friendships were built between all the members.

Highlight #2: Children's Activities - each summer we try and refresh our morning programme for the children.  This summer our youth worker and the leadership team worked closely together to plan and facilitate the morning sessions.  We introduced new games and arts/crafts.  This newness paid off with further excitement and anticipation each day from the local children.  In addition, both the games and arts/crafts were lead by young people.

Highlight #3: Celebration - our team enjoyed a day away go-karting and a meal at Diamonds Resturant to celebrate all that they accomplished throughout Project 6.8.  Both Ivan and Megan enjoyed hearing how individuals were impacted by being a part of our team.

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