Jims Programmes


JIMS is a very busy place, with many things to do for all ages.

Take a look at various events and programmes that JIMS hosts throughout the week.  We hope that you find something just for you - no matter your age, gender, or interest!

If you’re interested in further information, please feel free to email Ivan Henderson or Megan McIlveen…or find a member of the Crew!

Jims Programmes

  • Cafe Kulam

    Cafe Kulam

    Once a month our cafe opens with special homemade treats on offer including brownies, milkshakes, hot chocolate, and more.

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  • Souled Out

    Souled Out

    Once a month JIMS hosts an evening to fellowship with one another over tea and toast.

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  • The Birds & the Bees

    The Birds & the Bees

    JIMS seeks to provide a 15 week course regarding relationships for young people to discuss issues such as addiction, sex, confliect, porn, and boundaries in light of all they face as youth in our current culture and context.

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