Jims Programmes


JIMS is a very busy place, with many things to do for all ages.

Take a look at various events and programmes that JIMS hosts throughout the week.  We hope that you find something just for you - no matter your age, gender, or interest!

If you’re interested in further information, please feel free to email Ivan Henderson or Megan McIlveen…or find a member of the Crew!

Jims Programmes

  • GAP


    GAP is a time when 1st and 2nd years can come into JIMS for a bit of fun. We have the games room open and enjoy competitions, laughs, and good fellowship. Recently we have begun selling pizza as an after-school snack…this is a hit with all who come on time.

    Please know that we can only run GAP because of our great volunteers - so a BIG thanks to you all who are committed to helping supervise each week!

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  • Drop-in


    Drop-in remains a core programme at JIMS - every Friday and Saturday night 8pm-midnight JIMS opens up our drop-in room, games room, and cafe. We have a variety of activites and theme ngiths throughout the month.

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  • After School Computer Club

    After School Computer Club

    After-School Computer Club has been set up for students in P3 through P7. The Computer Club runs for three terms which coincide with the school calendar.

    If you’d like further information please call the JIMS office: 02841769373.

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